Top 5 Underground Places to Try in KC


Locale Favorite: waxed canvas toiletry bag                                                                              

With three beautiful products (and eyeing a fourth), there are no questions why the Locale team has fallen in love with the handmade leather goods created by Sandlot. Katy, Chad and team are creating stunning products, all made in Kansas City and rooted in simplicity and practicality. Their 18th Street studio will soon become their first storefront, and Locale will be there playing in the Sandlot.

The Local Pig

Locale Favorite: pulled pork burger

A bit off the beaten path in the East bottoms area of Kansas City, Local Pig’s lunch menu never disappoints. In addition to their great food choices, Local Pig is a leader in the movement to serve locally sourced and humanely raised meats, and even offers class on butchering and charcuterie.

Fusion Fitness

Locale Favorite: barre intensity

Fun and addictive, Fusion classes are a refuge from the dropping temps. Created by local entrepreneur Darby Bender, each fusion studio inspires sweat, strength and a never quit attitude.

Alley Shops

Locale Favorite: the hair parlour

Follow the yellow bricks through the 18th Street Alley in the Crossroads and you just might forget where you are. This reimagined alley is reflective of the evolving nature of the Crossroads over the last few years. Designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and a great breakfast are all part of this authentic KC experience.  

Rye KC

Locale Favorite: goat cheese

Locale’s home away from home. Rye is a new neighborhood staple that serves comfort food and a few of the best cocktails you’ll find in Kansas City.