Why Locale's Insiders are thankful to be in Kansas City

For many of us, the holidays are a time that we express our sincere thanks and gratitude to those around us. This year, I’m especially thankful for the Insiders that have joined the Locale team. To have their spirit and energy feeding into my own passion for sharing Kansas City makes us better every single day.

So during this time of gratitude, I’ve asked each of them to share one reason they are thankful to be here in KC!


Kansas City is where my heart lives. To me, the incredible people and spaces that exist in each neighborhood are what make Kansas City feel like home!


I’m thankful to be a part of an amazing city which is constantly evolving and full of the warmest, most genuine people I’ve ever been around.


Thankful for the 8 and 3 Kansas City Chiefs!  KC thrives on our fanhood and I am thankful for winning teams and loud stadiums!  


Thankful to be back in this great City to celebrate the best time of the year! Sights, sounds, smells--fall in KC is the place to be. 

Whether new or old to Kansas City, our team wishes you the very best over the holidays.