Why Locale's Insiders are thankful to be in Kansas City

For many of us, the holidays are a time that we express our sincere thanks and gratitude to those around us. This year, I’m especially thankful for the Insiders that have joined the Locale team. To have their spirit and energy feeding into my own passion for sharing Kansas City makes us better every single day.

So during this time of gratitude, I’ve asked each of them to share one reason they are thankful to be here in KC!


Kansas City is where my heart lives. To me, the incredible people and spaces that exist in each neighborhood are what make Kansas City feel like home!


I’m thankful to be a part of an amazing city which is constantly evolving and full of the warmest, most genuine people I’ve ever been around.


Thankful for the 8 and 3 Kansas City Chiefs!  KC thrives on our fanhood and I am thankful for winning teams and loud stadiums!  


Thankful to be back in this great City to celebrate the best time of the year! Sights, sounds, smells--fall in KC is the place to be. 

Whether new or old to Kansas City, our team wishes you the very best over the holidays.


TeamKC Highlights Locale in Playbook

Our partners mean everything to us. From the original concept of Locale to celebrating Locale's first birthday next week, our partners have shared in our love and energy for this City. 

TeamKC is one of those partners and they work to complement the efforts of their investor companies in attracting top talent to the region. Each month, the organization publishes their playbook and this month, Locale is the featured TeamKC partner

We can't say thank you enough for their support and for the encouragement provided by all of KCADC and their investor companies! 

Touring Candidate Q&A

Less than a year ago, the concept for Locale was born.  Now, having just wrapped up our 31st tour in partnership with six Kansas City based companies, we’re just getting started helping our businesses land talent from across the country and world.

While each tour is uniquely crafted, there are a few questions that we can count on being asked by touring candidates. Last week during one of our prep sessions to craft a tour for a NYC based family, Rae and I compared notes and discovered a few surprising questions, along with the predictable questions, and discussed our responses. The list below provides some insight into the conversations that would be overhead during a tour.

Also, note that each response is ever evolving, much like the City. So, without further ado, here is a list of the top Q&A with touring candidates:  

1) Do we have Uber?

Yes, Uber is here with the options of UberX, XL or SELECT. We’re still waiting on POOL to arrive.  Much like the rest of the country, Uber is a primary go-to for airport trips and nights out.  

2) How hard is healthy living in this part of the country?

When it comes to consuming real, simple foods, our chefs and restaurants have redefined this Cowtown. Farm-to-table concepts and local partnerships with farmers can be found throughout the City—Room 39 and Westside Local to name a few.

Broadway Butcher Shop makes available grass fed, sustainably raised meats daily, and with farmers markets in both Overland Park and the River Market, the quest to prep and cook with real, simple foods has been made easy.

Additionally, the metro is home to many boutique fitness studios—whether a yoga or barre class are your focus, or whether you’re looking for strength training, doors are open to places like Core Power Yoga, Fusion Fitness, and ASC Training.   

3) Where do I get my cultural fix?

Let’s define cultural fix! Latin food, craft brewery scene, the symphony and special requests for Jiu Jitsu and French emersion schools have fallen into this category and we’ve quickly learned to narrow the scope of the question.

Luckily we live in a vibrant city that continues to surface artifacts of individual lifestyle choices that are critically important to those looking to create a home here. This is where the pre-tour survey questionnaire really counts!

4) What is the cost of living?

There hasn’t been a tour where this question didn’t come up.  Noting that we are neither realtors nor experts in the rental and housing markets, we do have an understanding of leasing and sale price ranges, and when shared, the overwhelming response has been positive.

Typically, the lifestyle that they thought was a given is reevaluated and their range of choices expanded—which is fun to watch as candidates go through the mental exercise of placing themselves in various settings and environments.

5) What is your favorite place?

In our first post, we named a few of our favorite places. However, after being asked too many times to count, I’ve conceded and share the one place that currently moves and inspires me. It’s the view from top stair at Liberty Memorial overlooking the west side of the city. The paint-colored sunsets at dusk are remarkable.  

Again, these questions represent just a few of the conversations you would overhear during a tour, and we are so thankful for the companies that have been first to embrace the idea and helping us add to this list!

Top 5 Underground Places to Try in KC


Locale Favorite: waxed canvas toiletry bag                                                                              

With three beautiful products (and eyeing a fourth), there are no questions why the Locale team has fallen in love with the handmade leather goods created by Sandlot. Katy, Chad and team are creating stunning products, all made in Kansas City and rooted in simplicity and practicality. Their 18th Street studio will soon become their first storefront, and Locale will be there playing in the Sandlot.

The Local Pig

Locale Favorite: pulled pork burger

A bit off the beaten path in the East bottoms area of Kansas City, Local Pig’s lunch menu never disappoints. In addition to their great food choices, Local Pig is a leader in the movement to serve locally sourced and humanely raised meats, and even offers class on butchering and charcuterie.

Fusion Fitness

Locale Favorite: barre intensity

Fun and addictive, Fusion classes are a refuge from the dropping temps. Created by local entrepreneur Darby Bender, each fusion studio inspires sweat, strength and a never quit attitude.

Alley Shops

Locale Favorite: the hair parlour

Follow the yellow bricks through the 18th Street Alley in the Crossroads and you just might forget where you are. This reimagined alley is reflective of the evolving nature of the Crossroads over the last few years. Designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and a great breakfast are all part of this authentic KC experience.  

Rye KC

Locale Favorite: goat cheese

Locale’s home away from home. Rye is a new neighborhood staple that serves comfort food and a few of the best cocktails you’ll find in Kansas City.